2018 Southwest Ag Summit Breakout Agenda

Please check back for the 2018 Breakout Session Topics.

2017 Breakout Session Powerpoints

Effects of Foliar and Systemic Insecticides on Whitefly Transmission and Incidence of Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus (CYSDV) in Melons

The Destiny Of Healthcare Reform

Diamondback Moth in Arizona: An Old Pest, a New Problem

Trace Metal Content of Community Garden Soils and Vegetables in Metro Phoenix, AZ

Overhead Sensor Platforms for Plant Growth Characterization under Field Conditions

Us Food And Drug Administration (FDA) Introduce The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) In 2011

Micronutrient Response In Desert Vegetables

Traceability - Implementing Modern IT across a Row-Crop Business

Conserve - A Center of Excellence at the Nexus of Sustainable Water Reuse, Food, and Health

Automated Machines for Controlling In-Row Weeds

Heavy Metal Challenges and Mitigation Strategies in Desert Production Region

Use of High Quality Lettuce & Grafted Melon Transplants in AZ Specialty Crop Production

Zinc Fertigation in Calcareous Soils

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