About Southwest Ag Summit

swag_summit.jpgThe Southwest Ag Summit has become an example of strong partnerships within the agriculture industry. The success of the summit has always been a by-product of side-by-side collaboration among agriculture industry leaders, university research, teaching and extension.

The Southwest Ag Summit is centered in the middle of some of the most diverse and productive agricultural land in the world and is surrounded by over .6 million acres of irrigated land all within 120 miles of Yuma, Arizona. The target audience includes those in Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, and Northern Mexico.

The Southwest Ag Summit has always had a clear set of objectives which have served a foundation for future improvement. First and foremost, the summit must be current and provide content that growers will directly apply to their present cultural and management practices. Southwest Ag Summit organizers have been fortunate to locate world renowned experts who have presented on topics including irrigation management, immigration reform, fresh produce safety, crop protection, energy conservation, new cropping technology and urban encroachment.

Secondly, the Southwest Ag Summit has always been located in a venue that is conducive to learning and improving agriculture practices. General sessions covering topics that are of interest to all involved in agriculture are typically presented in the morning followed by timely and more specific breakout forums during the course of the day.

Third, and yet just as important, has been to create an ongoing event that feeds off the success of the previous goals of past Southwest Ag Summit events. The vision is to create a Southwest Agricultural Summit that will not only bring knowledge and innovation to agriculture to the desert regions but will continue to make this area known throughout the world for the quality products that are grown in southwest Arizona.

We look forward to having you attend!
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